Books completed in 2004

29-Dec-2004  The Scarlet Ruse, by John D Macdonald
21-Dec-2004  Three Men in a Boat, by Jerome K Jerome (audiobook)
18-Dec-2004  The Conspiracy Club, by Jonathan Kellerman (audiobook)
10-Dec-2004  Spanish Steps, by Tim Moore
10-Dec-2004  Bandits, by Elmore Leonard (audiobook)
10-Dec-2004  The Problems of Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell
01-Dec-2004  Stamboul Train, by Graham Greene (audiobook)
22-Nov-2004  Killshot, by Elmore Leonard (audiobook)
17-Nov-2004  Stretch, 29, by Damian Lanigan
13-Nov-2004  Stag Hunt, by Anthony McGowan (audiobook)
07-Nov-2004  Footsucker, by Geoff Nicholson
05-Nov-2004  And Then You Die, by Michael Dibdin (audiobook)
29-Oct-2004  Fair Stood the Wind for France, by H E Bates (audiobook)
29-Oct-2004  The Empty Copper Sea, by John D MacDonald
22-Oct-2004  Eight Minutes Idle, by Matt Thorne
19-Oct-2004  One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, by Ken Kesey (audiobook)
14-Oct-2004  The Closed Circle, by Jonathan Coe
08-Oct-2004  The Rotters' Club, by Jonathan Coe
05-Oct-2004  Brother of the More Famous Jack, by Barbara Trapido
28-Sep-2004  Want to Play?, by P J Tracy
27-Sep-2004  Reckoning with Risk, by Gerd Gigerenzer
18-Sep-2004  In at the Kill, by Alexander Fullerton (audiobook)
16-Sep-2004  The Sea Change, by Elizabeth Jane Howard
04-Sep-2004  The Complete Pratt, by David Nobbs
31-Aug-2004  Asimov's New Guide to Science, by Isaac Asimov
02-Aug-2004  Temples of Delight, by Barbara Trapido (audiobook)
01-Aug-2004  Stiff, by Mary Roach
29-Jul-2004  Rumours of a Hurricane, by Tim Lott
18-Jul-2004  27 Bones, by Jonathan Nasaw
16-Jul-2004  Opening Skinner's Box, by Lauren Slater
08-Jul-2004  The Necropolis Railway, by Andrew Martin (audiobook)
05-Jul-2004  The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, by Mark Haddon
30-Jun-2004  Other People, by Martin Amis
23-Jun-2004  The Day of the Dead, by John Creed (audiobook)
22-Jun-2004  The Bell Jar, by Sylvia Plath
16-Jun-2004  White City Blue, by Tim Lott (audiobook)
07-Jun-2004  The Travelling Hornplayer, by Barbara Trapido
06-Jun-2004  A Touch of Frost, by R.D. Wingfield (audiobook)
01-Jun-2004  The Scent of Dried Roses, by Tim Lott
30-May-2004  Schizophrenia: A Very Short Introduction, by Christopher Frith & Eve Johnstone
28-May-2004  The Coffin Dancer, by Jeffery Deaver
21-May-2004  Hotel World, by Ali Smith
19-May-2004  The Sirius Crossing, by John Creed (audiobook)
11-May-2004  The Brethren, by John Grisham
10-May-2004  The Birthday Boys, by Beryl Bainbridge (audiobook)
07-May-2004  Darwin's Radio, by Greg Bear
04-May-2004  Fat Ollie's Book, by Ed McBain (audiobook)
03-May-2004  The Love Secrets of Don Juan, by Tim Lott
02-May-2004  I Want It Now, by Kingsley Amis
28-Apr-2004  Cider with Rosie, by Laurie Lee (audiobook)
23-Apr-2004  Oscar and Lucinda, by Peter Carey
09-Apr-2004  Original Sin, by PD James (audiobook)
31-Mar-2004  Six Easy Pieces, by Richard Feynman
29-Mar-2004  The Autobiography of Henry VIII, by Margaret George
26-Mar-2004  Going Gently, by David Nobbs (audiobook)
11-Mar-2004  Casting Off, by Elizabeth Jane Howard (audiobook)
09-Mar-2004  The Quiet Game, by Greg Iles
01-Mar-2004  Music and the Mind, by Anthony Storr
23-Feb-2004  What a Carve Up!, by Jonathan Coe
23-Feb-2004  Educating Eve, by Geoffrey Sampson
19-Feb-2004  Ostrich Country, by David Nobbs
17-Feb-2004  Sleepyhead, by Mark Billingham
14-Feb-2004  Confusion, by Elizabeth Jane Howard (audiobook)
05-Feb-2004  Thinks..., by David Lodge (audiobook)
05-Feb-2004  Dead Sleep, by Greg Iles
01-Feb-2004  The Heartbreaker, by Susan Howatch
28-Jan-2004  The Challenge of Islam to Christians, by David Pawson
26-Jan-2004  Marking Time, by Elizabeth Jane Howard (audiobook)
24-Jan-2004  The High Price of Materialism, by Tim Kasser
06-Jan-2004  I Don't Know How She Does It, by Allison Pearson

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