Books completed in 2011

30-Dec-2011  Sister, by Rosamund Lupton
15-Dec-2011  The Invisible Man, by HG Wells (audiobook)
09-Dec-2011  Quite Ugly One Morning, by Christopher Brookmyre (audiobook)
04-Dec-2011  Not The End of The World, by Christopher Brookmyre
03-Dec-2011  Before I Go To Sleep, by SJ Watson (audiobook)
25-Nov-2011  Captain Correlli's Mandolin, by Louis de Bernières (audiobook)
19-Nov-2011  It, by Stephen King
09-Nov-2011  The Spy Game, by Georgina Harding (audiobook)
02-Nov-2011  A Man of Parts, by David Lodge (audiobook)
26-Oct-2011  Under the Dome, by Stephen King
19-Oct-2011  Sacrifice, by SJ Bolton (audiobook)
10-Oct-2011  The First Rule, by Robert Crais
08-Oct-2011  The Importance of Being Seven, by Alexander McCall Smith
07-Oct-2011  On the Beach, by Neville Shute (audiobook)
05-Oct-2011  Out, by Natsuo Kirino
02-Oct-2011  Firebreak, by Richard Stark
30-Sep-2011  The Awakening, by SJ Bolton (audiobook)
29-Sep-2011  Dirty Money, by Richard Stark
21-Sep-2011  The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, by Kate Summerscale (audiobook)
21-Sep-2011  Flashfire, by Richard Stark
17-Sep-2011  The Eyre Affair, by Jasper Fforde
13-Sep-2011  Love and Devotion, by Erica James (audiobook)
03-Sep-2011  The Hand that First Held Mine, by Maggue O'Farrell
21-Aug-2011  Boiling a Frog, by Christopher Brookmyre
18-Aug-2011  Fever, by Bill Ponzini (audiobook)
14-Aug-2011  The Love Secrets of Don Juan, by Tim Lott
12-Aug-2011  A Kind of Loving, by Stan Barstow
10-Aug-2011  The Confidential Agent, by Graham Green (audiobook)
08-Aug-2011  Where the Bodies are Buried, by Chris Brookmyre
30-Jul-2011  Solar, by Ian McEwan
28-Jul-2011  The Painted Veil, by W Somerset Maugham (audiobook)
24-Jul-2011  Mog, by Peter Tinniswood (gave up)
16-Jul-2011  The Comedians, by Graham Greene (audiobook)
06-Jul-2011  The Understudy, by David Nicholls
02-Jul-2011  It Had To Be You, by David Nobbs
29-Jun-2011  The Moon and Sixpence, by W Somerset Maugham (audiobook)
27-Jun-2011  The Finkler Question, by Howard Jacobson (gave up)
22-Jun-2011  Fiddlers, by Ed McBain (audiobook)
17-Jun-2011  The Terrible Privacy of Maxwell Sim, by Jonathan Coe
17-Jun-2011  The Black Dahlia, by James Ellroy (audiobook)
05-Jun-2011  A Tale Etched in Blood and Hard Black Pencil, by Christopher Brookmyre
04-Jun-2011  One Day, by David Nicholls (audiobook)
29-May-2011  The Night Crew, by John Sandford
24-May-2011  Blown Away, by GM Ford (audiobook)
22-May-2011  The Stars My Destination, by Alfred Bester
16-May-2011  Country of the Blind, by Christopher Brookmyre (audiobook)
15-May-2011  A Touch of Daniel, by Peter Tinniswood
09-May-2011  Bad Blood, by John Sandford
03-May-2011  Contact, by Carl Sagan (audiobook)
02-May-2011  A Big Boy Did It and Ran Away, by Christopher Brookmyre
16-Apr-2011  The Blood Detective, by Dan Waddell (audiobook)
11-Apr-2011  The Rector's Daughter, by F M Mayer
05-Apr-2011  Disgraced, by Saira Ahmed (audiobook)
29-Mar-2011  Storm Prey, by John Sandford (audiobook)
25-Mar-2011  Adrian Mole and the Weapons of Mass Destruction, by Sue Townsend
20-Mar-2011  L.A. Confidential, by James Ellroy (audiobook)
19-Mar-2011  The Victorian Chaise-Longue, by Marghanita Laski
19-Mar-2011  The Blank Wall, by Elisabeth Sanxay Holding
05-Mar-2011  Lucky You, by Carl Hiaasen
27-Feb-2011  Pandaemonium, by Christopher Brookmyre
22-Feb-2011  A Snowball in Hell, by Christopher Brookmyre
20-Feb-2011  One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night, by Christopher Brookmyre
13-Feb-2011  Stared Early, Took My Dog, by Kate Atkinson
06-Feb-2011  The Easy Sin, by Jon Cleary (audiobook)
02-Feb-2011  When Will There be Good News, by Kate Atkinson
16-Jan-2011  One Good Turn, by Kate Atkinson
09-Jan-2011  Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson
06-Jan-2011  The Da Vinci Code, by Dan Brown

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