1st To Die, by James Patterson

Over-long and not very compelling story of Lindsay, a female police officer trying to track down a serial killer, while also coming to terms with diagnosis and treatment for her own potentially terminal illness. At the same time she's also embarking on a relationship with another cop who's been drafted in to help with the case (you get a clue that this might happen when she declares at the outset that she's not in the market for a relationship, no way).

The one interesting thing about this book was that while most of it was written in the first person by the Lindsay, there was the odd chapter that was written from the point of view of the criminal. This meant that on occasion where the Lindsay said something like "I knew this meant that...", you know that she's in fact mistaken, which had a bit of a jarring effect. In fact I'm not sure how intentional that was, since there were a few plot-twists that meant you may not have been able to trust the bits written from the killer's PoV anyway.

Much too long, with loads of rubbish anguishing about her illness and her relationships. I wonder if this was included to make you feel sorry for her and forgive the rest of the writing for being so limp. On several occasions my mind wandered while listening to the book but I don't think I ever missed anything important. It passed the time, but I wouldn't bother reading anything else by this author.

Completed : 01-Mar-2003 (audiobook)

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