A Dedicated Man, by Peter Robinson

Second Alan Banks book. This one has a retired archaeologist being found murdered: he seems to have been well-liked though, so what motive could anyone have?

Took me ages to read this one: I think it was OK but not really very gripping so I kept falling asleep.

One thing that wound me up a bit was that their seemed to be a fair amount of characters in the book explaining things to each other which you'd assume they'd already know, so presumably this is done in order to get the reader up to speed. E.g. (this is a direct extract) "you know ... about Major Cartwright and his daughter. How he keeps such a tight rein on her since she came back to the village. Why she ran off in the first place ... it could be Major Cartwright's daughter up there, for all we know. Or that Mrs. Caret, the new barmaid at the Dog and Gun"

The series seems pretty popular, but I am guessing it gets stronger. I'll read some more but I'm not straining at the leash.

Completed : 14-Apr-2014

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