A Murder of Quality, by John Le Carre

A woman journalist receives a letter from a reader asking for help, because she's convinced that she's going to be murdered by her husband. The journalist contacts George Smiley, who gets involved in the investigation. This was a recommendation from A Good Read.

The book is fairly short (only four CDs worth). It was readable enough although it seemed to focus as much on the culture of public schools as on the actual whodunnit story. They talked on A Good Read about how Le Carre was schooled at Sherborne and hated it, and the school in this book is oviously based on that.

I quite enjoyed it, but wasn't riveted. I'd really like to enjoy Le Carre more, because I'm sure his work is very good, but it always seems a little bit dry to me, and this one (although it's a very early work) was like that: I didn't feel very engaged with it.

Completed : 09-Apr-2013

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