A Showball in Hell, by Christopher Brookmyre

This one has Simon Darcourt, a professional assassin (who apparently has appeared in a previous Brookmyre book) setting about a series of very public incarceration and killing of "celebrities" who he's abducted. Assigned to the case is Angelique De Xavier, who for various reasons finds herself trying to get back in touch with Zal Innez (Angelique and Zal both appeared in The Sacred Art of Stealing) as the only person who can help track Darcourt down.

Pretty entertaining one. Zal has honed his magicial act since the previous book, and the description of the tricks he does are always intriguing, but what's nice is the way he uses his conjuring techniques to get himself out of tricky situations, and to help Angelique get Darcourt. And there are quite a few places where we, the readers, have the wool pulled over our eyes by Zal.

Well worth reading.

Re-read in 2015. My note says "Good grief he takes a long time to say stuff. Extremely wordy". I did enjoy it though.

Completed : 22-Feb-2011

Completed : 21-Jan-2015

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