Amsterdam, by Ian McEwan

At Molly Lane's funeral, a couple of her ex-lovers meet and make a pact with each other.

Well, I've left it a while before writing this and can't remember much about it! I did enjoy the book, but it felt a bit insubstantial compared to Saturday or Sweet Tooth which I was surprised by, considering it won the Booker Prize (I think it's definitely not as good as Saturday).

The writing was very good. I remembered this bit, from when someone's in a 757 that's taxiing for take-off:

He had a window seat in an empty row, and through gaps in the fig he could see other airliners waiting competetively in ragged, converging lines, something brooding and loutish in their forms: slit eyes beneath small brains, stunted, encumbered arms, upraised and blackened arseholes - creatures like this could never care about each other.

Perhaps I read it too quickly (I did whizz through it) and missed some of the subtleties. It was very readable and I enjoyed it, although thought the ending was a bit poor.

Completed : 03-Aug-2013

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