The Apprentice, by Tess Gerritsen

Another serial killer for Jane Rizolli to investigate. This one commits crimes which bear a striking resemblance to those appearing in a previous case, which was the subject of "The Surgeon", I book I've not read. And probably don't need to now, since I know what happened in it.

This wasn't great - fairly standard fare with a twisted murderer and gross-out descriptions of homicide scenes. Or at least, you're told that they're gross-out, because police-officers are throwing up, saying they've never seen anything like it, etc..

This book felt like a bit of a rip of off "The Silence of the Lambs": the Surgeon is a Hannibal Lecter type, who was evidently caught and imprisoned in the previous book. In this one, he effects an escape (not unlike that in SotL) and then meets up with the new serial killer so they can do even more gross-out stuff. And come after Rizolli.

I suppose readable enough, but not one to recommend.

Completed : 31-Oct-2009

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