The Art of Fiction, by David Lodge

After reading Author Author, I wanted to read more David Lodge, and since I'd read all of his novels, I thought I'd give this a go. This is a series of articles that were originally published in a newspaper, talking about various aspects of fiction. Each examines a particular aspect, such as "Beginning", "Suspense", "Allegory" etc., quoting a couple of extracts from some novel or other, and using that as a springboard for discussion.

Some good points made in here, and it's made me want to (re)read certain of the books that he mentioned. It's a bit of a worry to realise how much I'd missed in some cases where they're books that I've already read, and I feel a bit worried that by examining them so much, the novels might lose some of their magic. But on the whole I think that this kind of analysis does make for a richer reading experience.

Lots of this was good: just a couple of the things I highlighted:

Well worth reading.

Completed : 13-Oct-2006

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