Bandits, by Elmore Leonard

Jack used to rob jewellery from hotel rooms, but is now going straight, working for his brother-in-law in a funeral parlour. But he gets involved with an ex-nun who's looking to get even with a Nicaraguan colonel after he sent soldiers into her hospital and killed most of the patients. The colonel is visiting the US to raise funds for his cause, and so Jack enlists the help of a couple of other ex-cons to see if they can't relieve the colonel of his money.

Another cracker. Maybe a little too much happening in the book - it feels like Leonard is prodigal with his inventions: you don't just get two or three interesting people - every person in the book is believable and a distinct character. And although it doesn't feel rushed, he crams in loads of plot.

I particularly liked "Cully", the 65 year old just released from prison who's supposedly helping with the heist but can't keep his mind off the food and women he's missed for the last 25 years. And Leo, the funeral parlour boss.

Good stuff.

Completed : 10-Dec-2004 (audiobook)

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