Beneath the Bleeding, by Val McDermid

Another Tony Hill/Carol something book. In this one, Tony is in hospital for most of the story, recovering from being attacked by a psychiatric patient. But he still manages to exercise his psychological insights with respect to two cases Carol is investigating: a star footballer is poisoned to death, and then a terrorist bomb explodes in the football ground.

Pretty good read, and the crimes/investigation stuff was interesting and gripping. The relationship between Tony and Carol is fairly tense - a lot of history there, and this was fair enough. What I thought felt a bit tacked on was the appearance of Tony's mother, who, so far as I know, hasn't been mentioned in any of the previous books. It feels like she was introduced to give flesh out Tony's back-story a bit, and so I guess she may appear in subsequent books too, but she felt a bit superfluous to me, and I didn't really buy the stuff about Tony being so much in fear of her.

Worth reading though, better than A Darker Domain.

Completed : 09-Sep-2009

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