Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School, by Frank Richards

A fairly typical story: Bunter has committed so many sins this time that Quelch has threatened to write to his father recommending that Bunter be withdrawn from the school. Unless he can turn over a new leaf.

Found this in the charity shop: it seems like these books are now out of print, although I remember enjoying reading them when I was young, and I'd not read this one. It cost 2, although the price when it was published was 2/6. So maybe I ought to hang on to my other paperbacks.

I didn't think this was a particularly good story, although maybe I've just got a soft spot for the ones I read and re-read so many years ago. And I'm not really sure what's good about them. I think it's the writing style, rather than the plot: I like the words he uses that I've never come across in any other context ("the remove"), the allusions that Richards makes to Latin texts that he obviously is familiar and expects his readers to be, and of course the characters and their expressions "my hat" etc..

Quite nice in a nostalgic sort of way. And I picked up two more Bunter books at the same time, so I'll read them as well.

Completed : 22-Aug-2006

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