The Black Dahlia, by James Ellroy

The body of a young woman is discovered - she's been tortured and murdered. Bucky Bleikhard(sp?) and his partner Lee, who were sparring buddies, both become obsessed by the case, even though they're not officially investigating it.

I had high hopes of this, after LA Confidential, but it wasn't quite that good. Partly I think that's because this book is told in the first person (Bucky) and so it feels like it has a more constrained scope - in LA Confidential, there were so many interlinked perspectives and stories that it felt like you'd experienced a whole other world, not just part of someone's life.

Quite a lot happens in the book though - while the main focus is the story of the Dahlia herself, this is woven into the other things going on in Bucky's life.

This was maybe not quite as good as LA Confidential, but it was worth the read. Unfortunately I didn't get around to writing this review until six weeks after finishing the book...

Completed : 17-Jun-2011 (audiobook)

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