Black Widow, by Christopher Brookmyre

More Parlabane redux - I think gthis follows Dead Girl Walking and was pretty good (I'd been a bit worried after reading Bedlam that he might have gone off).

This has a woman in court accused of murdering her husband, and Jack being hired to try and prove her innocence. Throughout the book there are quite a few revelations and twists. I noted, while I was reading it, "At this stage I'm not sure where the story is going. I thought Diana was going to be shown to be innocent but now I don't know. It's quite a good feeling to be so unsure.

Parlabane has, in this book, moved back to the apartment he was in for the first novel (I think). In the latter books, the writing style is a bit more restrained, so it's nice to have the link back to the earlier books to give a sense of continuity.

I liked this:

The reason for their having remained unaware of our courtship and marriage until after the fact remained unspoken in these exchanges, but it was unspoken pretty loud.

I finished the book with regret, because it was such fun to read. The sequel's already out - Want You Gone, which I ordered from the library.

Completed : 03-Oct-2017

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