Blindsighted, by Karin Slaughter

First in the "Grant County" series with Sara Linton as the paediatrician who does occasional coroner work; she's got an ex-husband Jeffrey who's on the police force. In this one there's a serial killer who drugs women so they think they're in love with him before nailing them to the floor and "making love" to them.

I got this because it was cheap on Kindle, I saw it was "first in the series", and I remembered Kim from the library having recommended the author to me. It wasn't until I was some way in until I saw that Kim's recommendation was specifically for the "Will Trent" series, not this series (although from wikipedia I see that the two begin to overlap at some stage).

Bits of the book were somewhat suspenseful as you waitied for (inevitably) one of the lead characters to be abducted by the killer, and then for Sara and Jeff to be able to work out what was going on in time to save the victim before she died of her injuries.

The book was OK although it felt like she was trying to push her imagination to come up with the unpleasantest things she could think of for her serial rapist to do to his victims (the nailing down was only part of it).

I thought that it might be worth reading another one, on the basis that she might improve as a writer in the next book.

Completed : 16-Nov-2014

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