A Book for Her, by Bridget Christie

A long time since I read this, so memories are vague, but it's a rambling set of writing about feminism, partly relating to a tour she did "A Bic for Her", which made fun of an advertising campaign that sold razors specifically for women.

Can't remember many details, so some quotes I marked:

Since the first female MP to take her seat - Nancy Astor in 1919 - the total number of women MPs is smaller than the number of men sitting today, which just goes to show how rude British male MPs are.
Re-reading that, I remember now that this was something I thought was quite a striking fact, but the quip at the end felt like it fell a little bit flat, and that's how a lot of the humour was for me in the book: not really funny enough.
Twitter and Facebook have put twats and bigots and racists and homophobes and transphobes in touch with each other, given them a sense of cameraderie and allowed them to flourish. Before Twitter, a twat had to go to all the trouble of getting their hands on the BNP membership list to be in touch with other twats. Now all they have to do is come up with 140 characters of racist, homophobic, transphobic, misogynistic banter.
Feminism never went away. But what exactly is feminism and what's the point of it today Well, feminism is the belief that women should have equal social, economic and political rights. We don't have these yet, and so that is the point of feminism.
When Mary Beard, the classicist, appeared on Question Time, she confused lots of men. She wasn't an object of desire for t hem, but she wasn't passive or vacuous either. Mary Beard just didn't add up. She was simply a highly intelligent woman expressing her opinions. A bit like a man, really, but a woman version. They didn't know how to react, because they hadn't seen enough examples of women.
I think I remember thinking that I wouldn't bother to read another of her books. Some good stuff in there, but not fantastically funny.

Completed : 27-April-2016

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