Broken, by Martina Cole

Kate Burrows is a female DI who's rather implausibly living with a career criminal who she thinks has given up his wicked ways. She's looking into several cases of child abduction, and at the same time finds out that her other half is still involved in strip clubs etc..

I got through about two hours of this eighteen hour tape before giving up: it had taken a week to get that far because I kept switching to the radio out of boredom. It was surprisingly bad - I've seen Martina Cole books advertised and assumed she was worth reading, but the writing here was very poor. If some situation is shocking/dreadful/wonderful, then I ought to be able to realise that by reading the description of it, not by having the author say "it was shocking" or "it was dreadful" etc., but Cole does this all the time. I looked at other reviews on Amazon and they say it's a good plot but could have done with editing. I can't be bothered to spend another eight weeks (at this rate) finding out, so I'm giving up.

Gave up : 13-Sep-2007

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