City of Bones, by Michael Connelly

Another one about Harry Bosch; in this one a child's skeleton is uncovered in the hills outside LA, and it turns out to have been buried for over twenty years. The evidence from the bones suggests that the child was beaten for most of his life, and so Bosch and his partner feel compelled to try and track down the killer, despite the time that's gone by.

Minor sub-plot about a rookie woman cop who Bosch has an affair with, which didn't really get fully explained. Also parallels were drawn with the bones that have appeared out of the La Brea Tar Pits in LA: this one saw Bosch (and maybe Connelly) in a reflective mood, maybe the book was inspired by events at the tar pits.

Readable, but nothing special. I have lost track a bit of where this comes in the canon, but at the end of it Bosch seems to be deciding to leave the police force, so I guess that after this book he becomes a PI, before (in The Closers) rejoining. Probably wouldn't recommend this particular one.

Completed : 24-Sep-2008

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