Come to Grief, by Dick Francis

Third of the Sid Halley books. Sid is called in to investigate the mutilation of a horse, and soon discovers that it is only one of a series of such crimes. And the perpetrator turns out to be Ellis Quint, another ex-jockey who Sid regards as a friend, who has become a famous TV personality.

The book opens as Ellis's trial is about to start, so we know right away whodunnit, and then, for the first half of the book, tells how Sid went about his investigation. Just as the trial is about to start, Ellis changes his plea from guilty to not-guilty, and so Sid has to dig deeper to get more conclusive evidence. And all the time, the media is waging a campaign to belittle him as the jealous ex-friend of the glamorous tv star.

Quite a good story, maybe not as good as the first Halley book, but pretty gripping. A bit disappointing that we get pretty much the same scene as in the first book, where Sid's captured by villains, who do unpleasant things to him, but it was still quite tense.

Completed : 05-May-2005 (audiobook)

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