Corporate Bodies, by Simon Brett

Charles Paris is an actor who seems most often to be "resting", but manages, via an old acquaintaince, to land a role in a corporate information video. While he's at the company filming, there's an accident and a young girl is killed. Or... perhaps it wasn't an accident: Charles' curiosity is aroused by the circumstances of the girl's death, and he starts asking questions.

This appears to be one of a series of books about Charles Paris, although there were no references in it to previous "cases" that he'd looked at, so maybe not. It mostly reminded me of Dick Francis - it's about that level of complexity - although the hero here is a bit more flawed: Charles has a drink problem; his wife has left him, and he seems not to do very much acting. Also, when past roles are referred to, reviews from local papers are quoted and they are invariably critical of his performance. This was mildly amusing but leaves you wondering how he ever got work at all.

A fairly easy read, although nothing special: rather more in the way of outrageous red herrings than you'd find in Dick Francis, and the ending was a bit weak, but a reasonable way to pass the time.

Completed : 22-May-2008

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