Cut Adrift, by Chris Simms

An asylum seeker is murdered, and DI Spicer is called in. During the course of the investigation a series of notes is found on various beaches around the southern coast. The notes appear to have been written by someone who was one of a group of refugees that had been abandoned to survive on a raft in the Atlantic ocean. It becomes clear to Spicer (some time after it's obvious to the reader) that the two sets of events are related.

This is one of a series of DI Spicer books, although I'd not come across it before - this was just a random pick from the audiobook section in the library.

I thought it was OK, but a bit far-fetched. Some of the writing was nice (there was a good description of a beached whale at the start of the book). But mainly I kept being distracted by the thought of how the author would do other Spicer books (some of the things that happen in this book would result in serious changes to the real world, and so he's presumably going to have to incorporate those changes in future stories).

Anyway, probably not desperate to read any more by this author, but would give one a go if there's another that crops up on the library shelf.

Completed : 20-Mar-2014 (audiobook)

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