Dead Mans Footsteps, by Peter James

Roy Grace number 4. This is the one where the guy fakes his disappearance on the day the twin towers were destroyed.

There seem to be a number of parallel stories going on at first, with some chapters set in New York in 2001, some in Australia in in 2006(?) and some in Brighton in 2007. It takes a little while for them to come together but it's not too difficult following them.

Since I'm reading them pretty much these books one after the other, they're blurring into each other a bit, but this was a good one, maybe the best story since Dead Simple.

There are still references to Grace's missing wife Sandy, but he's getting increasingly cosy with Cleo. I can't remember if it's in this book or the previous one, but he goes to Munich because one of his friends reckon they've seen Sandy there, and Cleo gets pretty upset.

At the end of this book though, we get a hint that Sandy is actually still around, with her apparent appearance on a beach in Rio.

Completed : 20-December-2015

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