Deadline, by John Sandford

This book follows Storm Front which I must admit I wasn't that keen on, so I was a little bit hesitant about this, and in fact had it from the library for about six weeks, renewing it twice, before I got around to reading it. But it was a real return to form - this has Virgil investigating a dog-napping incident in a backwoods town when a dead body turns up and he gets caught up in something a bit more serious.

Perhaps one reason I got on better with this book than the previous one was that I read it, rather than listened to the audiobook: they don't use Richard Ferrone for the Flowers books (I think it would be a bit odd if they did) but whoever is doing it is not that great.

While he's investigating the murder, he gets given the name of a prostitute to talk to:

Virgil added her to the list in his notebook, along with a description of where she lived, which Purdy said would be better than an address.
sums up pretty well the feel of the place where this all took place: trailer homes and Deliverance-type inhabitants who live on the edge of town and don't really interact with civilisation very much.

I found out what a "trucker bomb" was from reading this book. And I liked this quote

"So what you're saying is," Jenkins offered, "this guy Kerns shot himself through the eye, blowing his brains out, and then drove over here from somewhere else."

"That would be one interpretation," Alewort said.

Very much enjoyed this one.

Completed : 08-Apr-2015

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