Death of a Blue Movie Star, by Jeffery Deaver

After reading Bloody River Blues, I was pretty pleased to see an audiobook by JD in the library. Unfortunately, it wasn't as good as BDR, so while it was quite significantly better than My Gal Sunday, it was a bit of a disappointment.

This is the story of Roon (sp?) who has aspirations to be a film maker, whike working as a production assistant for a company that makes most of its money from filming commercials. She's outside a blue-movie theatre when a bomb explodes in it, and she decides that the subject for her film will be the aftermath of the bomb and its effects on various people involved. She interviews the actress who was starring in the film that was playing at the time, but then the actress is blown up by another bomb. Our hero now has a new story to tell, although it seems like someone else doesn't want her to tell it...

One of the things that spoilt the book was the reader, who I don't think can do voices very well. Although the book wasn't written in the first person, Roon is the main character, and so I think it might have been better if the reader had been a woman. Also, since the agency where Roon works is run by two Australians, it would have been handy if he could have done Australian accents.

As for the story, it was a bit implausible: Roon gets friendly with a detective in the bomb-disposal squad and so gets an "in" to the investigations of the first two (and subsequent) bombings - this also gives an opportunity for a fair bit of explanation about how bombs work etc., which is useful for the reader. Roon also is attacked, kidnapped and nearly blown up by different people who are out to get her (there is a fair number of suspects in this book) before getting her film made and aired.

I think I spotted all but one of the plot twists, but for all that it was easy enough to listen to. Steve assures me that the next JD book on my list is a cracker. Watch this space...

Completed : 16-Nov-2003

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