Decider, by Dick Francis

This one has Lee Morris, who's a builder/architect. By a quirk of fate, he owns shares in an racecourse, and so becomes involved when the rest of the owning family can't agree whether to sell or develop. An explosion nearly demolishes the stands when Morris is in them, and it soon becomes clear that some people are willing to stop at nothing to get their own way.

Another efficient book. All of Dick Francis's books have exactly the same central character - a quietly self-confident and competent hero, drawn reluctantly into some kind of muddle which he eventually sorts out, but they all seem pretty readable. I picked up five Francis books for 1 at a second-hand stall, and I'm looking for one to recommend to Ken. I think this one might not be it - there were rather a lot of characters in the family, and it wasn't that easy to follow who was who.

Completed : 01-Oct-2007

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