Deep Freeze, by John Sandford

The tenth Virgil Flowers book, following Escape Clause. Virgil's called to investigate a murder where a woman is found in a frozen river. At the same time, a PI working for Mattel is in town trying to track down someone who's been selling fake Barbie dolls.

I think this is as entertaining as a Prey book - a bit lighter in tone but really readable. E.g.

"Hemming was hit once, with something round and heavy, like a full bottle of wine."
"Didn't fall and hit her head?"
"She could have, I guess, and then, not thinking clearly, crawled through the streets of Trippton, down to the Mississippi, where she cut a hole in the ice and threw herself in."

When there are a few more Flowers books, I'll start from the beginning and read them all in sequence.

Completed : 16-Dec-2017

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