Demolition Angel, by Robert Crais

Carol Starkey is a detective who used to work in the LA bomb squad, but is now working in the "criminal conspiracy" team since a bomb she was working on went off, killing her partner, nearly killing her, and leaving her with her own demons to battle. Now she's called in to investigate a series of bombings by someone who styles himself "Mr. Red" and whose declared aim is to get himself on the FBI's top-ten most wanted list, and builds bombs on which are engraved the names of the bomb-technicians he hopes to kill.

Pretty good story; the stuff about Carol's own personal problems was nothing unusual but the plot was a bit more complicated than Carol vs. Mr. Red; other characters were separately pursuing their own agendas which muddied the investigation and so added interest.

A bit like Harlen Coben is wont to do, Crais made use of computers to help the plot along: Mr. Red is supposedly a software expert who has written programs that do various things which strain credulity a bit.

But overall it was a worthwhile read, and I wouldn't say no to another one by Crais.

Completed : 22-Jun-2006 (audiobook)

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