Doctor Sleep, by Stephen King

Worthy successor to The Shining, although I suppose it does stand on its own - you don't really have to have read the other book first.

This takes place about thirty years later, when Danny is grown up. Perhaps as a result of the traumatic childhood he had, or perhaps a consequence of his genetic inheritance, he's an alcoholic and has had a fairly messed up life. Drifting through a succession of low-level jobs, he's ended up working at a retirement home, where he's gained the name "Doctor Sleep". He still has a residue of shine, although it's not as strong as it used to be.

The town where Danny works is home to Abra, a young girl who is strong with the shine, and she's caught the attention of "The True Knot", a wandering band of sort of psychic vampires, who determine to get hold of her.

This kept me gripped all the way through. The "True Knot" was a nicely done idea and although the end is never in doubt, things got satisfyingly tense as they got nearer to catching Abra. I didn't want the book to end and am now looking for more Stephen King to read..

Completed : 3-December-2016

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