Dog Days, by Mavis Cheek

Patricia's marriage to Gordon is moribund and the book tells the story of how they decide to split up, which means Patricia has to find somewhere for her and their daughter Rachel to live: the dog of the title is Brian, who is bought as a kind of consolation to Rachel for the disruption.

The writing was OK but nothing special: not as good as that in the best bits of Janice Gentle. And perhaps it was partly down to the reader, but I didn't really like Patricia: she came across as snippy and bitter, so it was hard to be sympathetic to her.

The arguments Patricia has with Gordon, and her attempts to make a new life as a single mum, were reasonably well described, but nothing fantastic. Large parts of the book wizzed past while my attention drifted on to other things, but I couldn't really be bothered to rewind, and don't think I missed much.

The ending was fairly predictable, and the metaphorical tell-tale compression of the pages hid no surprises as Patricia finds happiness with a gorgeous bloke.

Well I might give Mavis Cheek another chance; if only she could write a whole book of stuff like the good bits in Janice Gentle, that would be worth reading.

Completed : 26-Jul-2008 (audiobook)

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