The Empty Copper Sea, by John D MacDonald

The 17th Travis McGee novel - in this one, McGee tries to find out what happened to Hub Lawless, who disappeared from a boat after clearing his bank accounts. The captain of the boat is a friend of McGee, and is desperate to restore his reputation after he was found apparently drunk on the night of the incident. Hub inspired great loyalty among his employees, and had insured his life for several million dollars. So although Hub is presumed drowned, the absence of a body, coupled with reports of sightings of Hub in Mexico, mean that feelings about the incident run high in Hub's home town.

Another satisfying read from MacDonald. The plot was OK, but more importantly the whole feel of McGee's life is reassuringly escapist: there's nothing to tie you down, memories of women are bittersweet but friends are always there for you, and coffee is never just coffee but always good strong coffee.

Completed : 29-Oct-2004

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