Enemy of God, by Bernard Cornwell

Second in the "Warlord" trilogy after The Winter King; found the book cheap in Oxfam and left it in St Lucia.

This book directly follows the previous one - it wouldn't make much sense if you'd not read it - and tells of Arthur's attempts to keep peace as Mordred approaches the age when he can assume the responsibilities of kingship. Derfel helps Merlin look for his magic cauldron, and Lancelot causes more trouble.

Better than the first book, maybe because not so much background was needed and there was more story, which included more of Lancelot's treachery (interesting twist on the Lancelot/Arthur/Guinevere triangle), Mordred's coronation and Merlin's apparent deterioration as his magical symbols are destroyed.

Quite long though. But I'll have to read the third one now, "Excalibur".

Completed : 30-Mar-2005

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