Escape Clause, by John Sandford

Blimey, this is apparently the ninth Virgil Flowers book, following Deadline. This one has Flowers being called in to track down the criminals who've stolen two rare tigers from the zoo, and to try and catch them before they dismember the tigers for parts that they can sell to a shady chinese connection.

This was a pretty good one - there have been one or two of the Flowers books that I've not thought were great - and I think is on a par with most of the Prey books. It does feel that Sandford may have run out of things to do with Davenport, but that Flowers still has more potential.

Interspersed with the tiger plot was a story about Virgil's girlfriend's sister who was trying to write an article about Mexican workers being exploited, and she got into trouble with some heavies employed by the factory owner: Virgil has to sort this out, but this was less interesting than the tiger thing.

Completed : 30-Dec-2016

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