Espedair Street, by Iain Banks

Danny Weird lives as a recluse in a gothic folly built by a 18th Century minister, and thinks back on his life as the songwriter for 70's mega band Frozen Gold (who made me think of Fleetwood Mac).

I read this ages ago, but remembered it reasonably fondly. The bits that are most interesting are the flashbacks telling how the band was formed and their history of success and touring. The bits that aren't very interesting are the "present", with Danny moping around and getting drunk with various ne'er do wells. This all leads to Danny having some kind of reconciliation with the girl who was his first love, before the band started. This reminded me a bit of Therapy, but in this book it felt like this plot was just getting in the way of the interesting stuff.

Enjoyable read nonetheless.

Completed : 31-Jul-2012

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