Eye of the Needle, by Ken Follett

About a spy sent to the UK in the early part of WW2, and the attempts of the security forces to find him, while he at the same time is trying to gather information about forthcoming operations in Europe.

This was excellent - great story and had me really gripped. Towards the end my heart was literally racing, I was so excited.

There was, near the beginning, a seemingly irrelevant story about a couple getting married before the guy went off to fight. Later on in the book, when I'd totally forgotten about it, I realised "oh! THAT'S what was going on there!".

What was especially effective was the way I was rooting for both the spy and his chasers - I wanted the spy to get away but I also wanted the intelligence people to catch him.

Excellent. I don't think his other books are all as good as this - I don't think I liked Jackdaws so much, but I'd forgotten all about that when I chose this book. But I'd try some more by Follett on the strength of this one.

Completed : 27-Jan-2015

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