Fair Do's, by David Nobbs

Read this straight after A Bit of a Do. I'd remembered this as being rather weak in comparison but in fact I enjoyed it nearly as much as the first one (perhaps it's the second of the TV series that I was remembering as being an anticlimax).

I think he did re-cycle a couple of ideas in here - the thing about weather records being broken appeared in a different book (can't remember which one though, so maybe it was the Legacy of Reginald Perrin?). And this is a CJ quote, although here it's a vicar saying it:

I've inherited you as a fait accompli. I do not intend you to be a fait accompli worse than death.'

Couple of quotes I highlighted

They were worried that their laughs hadn't sounded convincing, but Andrew hadn't noticed anything suspicious. He was only too used to receiving unconvincing laughs.

[Uncle Hubert] leapt up with an alacrity that belied his years. He was a man made by temperament and breeding for giving up his seat to women. In the long years out East he'd had few opportunities to exercise this talent, for he was also a man made by temperament and breeding for not giving up anything to the natives.

'Is there really no chance at all?'
'None. I'm not sure I don't want to remain without a man forever, but even if I ever decide I don't want to remain without a man I'd be stupid not to look for one who never thought I wasn't good enough for him.'
Carol had sailed through all the double negatives with utter confidence. Elvis plodded behind, trying to work them out.
'All those negatives,' he said at last. 'They seem to add up to one enormous negative.'
'That was the general idea.'

It was good! I will read it again.

Completed : 11-Jun-2016

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