Firestarter, by Stephen King

I read this when it came out, but not since then. But still, the story was quite familiar: little girl is child of a couple who both participated in a trial of drugs which were intended to induce psi-capability. Both parents retained some of that ability: the girl has it in spades, and now "The Shop" (a covert intelligence agency) wants to get her.

It was nice to read something like this after I'd just finished doing some essays. And King always seems to please: the writing style keeps you hooked and you just want to keep reading to find out what will happen. I like this book partly because it's got a happy-ish ending, in that the bad guys get what's coming to them.

They don't seem to have many King audiobooks at the library, but I ordered "Everything's Eventual" anyway.

Completed : 25-Jan-2007

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