Flashfire, by Richard Stark

Parker is part of a gang working a successful bank job, but afterwards he refuses to go along with the gang's next idea of using the cash from that to fund an ambitious jewellery heist. They take his money at gunpoint, promising to return it once they've fenced the jewellery, and he determines to get it back.

Saw this in the library and remembered how much I enjoy the books - I'm not sure why I've not been reading more of these, because it was a great read (perhaps helped by the fact that the last book I read, The Eyre Affair, was a bit of a struggle.

Like the other books, there's never much doubt about how things will turn out, but it was a gripping story, as you find yourself rooting for Parker, despite the fact that he's not at all the kind of person you'd ever want to meet. One of the things that's quite impressive is the description of the "minor" crimes that take place (not just the big jewellery thing). The bank job at the start, and the minor robberies and scams that Parker does in order to get himself enough money to set up his revenge on the gang are very well done.

I'll be looking out for more Parker books.

Completed : 21-Sep-2011

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