The Fool's Run, by John Sandford

Kidd is a kind of Travis McGee character who lives near the beach and paints pictures in his spare time, but does work on a freelance basis for people who need his kind of expertise with jobs that are of dubious legality. He is asked to sort out some problem where industrial espionage is suspected, and teams up with a girl thief who he surprised breaking into his neighbour's house, and who is up for the challenge and fun of the operation.

This is a very early Sandford book, written about the same time as the first Prey book, but it's not anything like it, and in fact I didn't think it was that great. Kidd turns up in the Prey novels, notably Silken Prey, which is what prompted me to read this, but I thought it was a bit weak. Maybe I'll read another Kidd book (I think there are a couple more) but I'm not that bothered.

Completed : 08-Feb-2014

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