Gallows View, by Peter Robinson

A murder, a peeping Tom and a series of burglaries all crimes which fall into the lap of Alan Banks, a police DCI in a small Yorkshire town.

The book has nice short chapters (a few pages each) which means it's easy to dip into. The story was OK although the way that all three crimes got solved at roughly the same time towards the end felt a bit contrived.

This is the first "Inspector Banks" novel - I'd not heard of this series but there appear to be about twenty altogether, and I've been seeing posters advertising the latest one "Children of the Revolution" around.

At one point the book says "none of us are, are we?". I wondered if that should be "none of us is, are we?"

The style is a bit more Frost than Bill Slider but the book was a pleasant read and it'll definitely be worth reading more in the series.

Completed : 19-Jan-2014

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