Gathering Prey, by John Sandford

This starts with Letty meeting "Sky" and Henry, couple of travellers, and making friends with them before they set off for a Juggalo gathering. Sky and Henry get caught up with a Manson-type gang led by someone calling himself "Pilate" and when Letty finds out they're in trouble, she gets Lucas to help.

There's been a two-and-a-half year gap since I last read a Prey book which surprised me - I have read some Virgil Flowers books in the meantime, but it was pretty nice to get back to hearing the familiar voice of Richard Ferrone.

Having said that, the book got off to a fairly slow and meandering start, and while it was listenable, it wasn't as gripping as these books can be. One thing that I noticed a couple of times is that Pilate and co. are described as being really bad, worse than any other types of criminals, etc.. And this felt too much like "tell" rather than "show" - because I didn't find Pilate at all as fearsome as some of the baddies in other Prey books. So it felt a bit of a cop-out.

It's in the last third of the book where things seem to hot up: there’s a bit where I worked out something before Lucas did, and this was good because you tense up and think "hurry up and work that out". The pace definitely shifts up a gear and things get more exciting as the chase is on to get Pilate, who's getting more and more reckless.

In fact, the last part of the book got pretty exciting and I found myself thinking, when listening, "why don't I just listen to John Sandford books all the time?"

There was another bit towards the end of the book where you realise what Pilate's going to do before Lucas does and again, this pulls you to the edge of your seat as you will Lucas to work it out.

A lot of the action took place in an area called "the UP" which I had to look up and find out where it was.

Immediately after finishing this, I started on the next one in the series.

Completed : 14-Jan-2019 (audiobook, read by Richard Ferrone)

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