Gold Coast, by Elmore Leonard

The widow of a mob boss finds that her ex-husband has left instructions in his will that she shouldn't be allowed to get close to any man; Roland, the guy charged with keeping tabs on her figures he can exploit the situation, while another small-time crook tries to side with the lady and help her out. Not as good as Split Images but very entertaining. One scene in particular came straight out of Pulp Fiction, or perhaps, since the book came out in 1980, that's where Tarantino got his idea.

Roland's character was particularly well done: no redeeming qualities at all, but I felt upset when he eventually got killed because I knew I'd miss him.

Re-listened to it in 2010 because I was waiting for a CD from the library. Gosh it is good. If this is "not as good" as Split Images, I'm going to read that next. This time I wasn't disappointed that Roland died - he was thoroughly unpleasant. But I liked the way he referred to people as "dinks". And the section where he chucked someone out of a window for not paying up on a debt. His friend says "Don't worry, you'll get your money". Roland says, "Do I look worried?"

Completed : 20-Feb-2003 (audiobook)

Completed : 13-Apr-2010 (audiobook)

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