Gone for Good, by Harlan Coben

Will Klein's brother Ken disappeared ten years ago, after having apparently murdered his girlfriend. Opinion is divided as to whether he's still alive: Will believes he is, and that his brother is innocent. Shortly after his mother's death, going through her things, Will comes across a recent picture of Ken. Then, his girlfriend and soon-to-be fiancee Sheila disappears in the middle of the night, with no explanation. Are the events related? What's going on?

No prizes for guessing from the above paragraph who this book's by. Compare that summary with those of, e.g. The Woods, Tell No One, and several others by Coben.

Again, an effective enough formula, but because it is so familiar, it wasn't too hard to guess what, broadly speaking, would happen. When Sheila is found dead, and evidence appears that she has been leading some kind of double life, I worked out pretty quick what the twist would be here. And sure enough, quite a few of the baddies turn out to be goodies, and vice versa.

Still, a good pacey read, if a little incredible.

Completed : 01-Mar-2009

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