Gone Tomorrow, by Lee Child

This is the one that starts with Reacher on a subway train, and he works out that one of the passengers is exhibiting all 12(? I think) telltale signs that show she must be a suicide bomber. In the aftermath of his attempt to talk her out of it, he becomes involved with various different agencies, all of whom are anxious to find out more about the woman and what she did. Reacher has to work out who are the goodies, and mete out appropriate punishment on the baddies.

This was the third Reacher book I read, and unlike those two, this was written in the first person, which seemed a bit odd to start with. After a while though, you were thinking "how could these books work in the third person?". Evidently Child switches between first and third person in the various Reacher novels.

Another fun read. This one had a fair amount of stuff on the US war in Afghanistan, and incidentally talked about historical wars in the region, which complemented the Flashman book I was reading at the same time.

This is the first time in 11 years that this has happened: a book with the same title as one I've already read, so that I had to pick a different filename for the review.

Completed : 17-Nov-2014

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