Home Truths, by David Lodge

Slim novella which is based on a play of the same name. Adrian Ludlow is a retired novelist whose friend Sam Sharp has been interviewed by Fanny Tarrant, whose subsequent article made uncomfortable reading for Sam, although Adrian and his wife can't help but find it funny. They hatch a plan to get their revenge on Fanny. But things don't quite go as expected.

It feels very like a play: all the action is set in one place, and there are only four (or maybe five) characters. But it was very good: laugh-out-loud funny and a bit moving as well. I'm sure I've read it before, but can't work out where - this copy came from the library so maybe I borrowed it in the past: I don't have my own copy.

Read it again in Jan 2013. Really enjoyed it again. Had to borrow it from the library again!

Completed : 18-Nov-2006

Completed : 06-Jan-2013

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