The Honorary Consul, by Graham Greene

Charlie Fortnum is the Honorary Consul in some South American country (Argentina maybe?) and is taken hostage by mistake in an bungled attempt to kidnap the American ambassador. Doctor Plarr finds himself caught up in a series of moral dilemmas: he's already having an affair with Charlie's wife, and the kidnappers are childhood friends of his with whom he sympathises, but he knows he ought to be trying to help effect Charlie's release.

Very nicely written. It has the feel of a slim book, but it seems like it takes very little time for Greene to have painted a picture of situations and characters which is at the same time complex and very real.

I can't remember but I think I've read this before - or maybe I just have the feeling that Greene has done a load of books like this, set in nameless Latin American towns where there's a small expat British community, in which not much ever happens.

Completed : 06-Dec-2005 (audiobook)

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