How Far Can You Go?, by David Lodge

A sermon in church used a quote from a David Lodge book about the fact that, sometime in the 60's, people stopped believing in hell. I thought "I bet that's from "How Far Can You Go?", and then realised that although I've read it at least twice before, it must be over ten years since the last time, and so another re-read was in order.

The book was as good as ever. I always remember the passage about the doctor who realises his friend's baby is a Mongol (this is in the 60s, when it wasn't politically incorrect to say so), where he invites his friend into the garage on the pretext of looking at his new car, but in fact follows with the feeling that he's got a loaded gun in his pocket. "I did say this wasn't a comic novel, exactly." says Lodge.

As Lodge has said in some of his other works, the title of this book is in part a reflection of his attempt to push certain aspects of writing style, and I think this does make the book a lot more interesting, but the actual story of the characters is what I think mostly stays with me.

Completed : 1-Dec-2012

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