I Think You'll Find It's a Bit More Complicated Than That, by Ben Goldacre

I think this is pretty much a collection of columns he wrote for the Guardian - he did that until about 2010(?) so I think I probably read them all at the time. Consequently the essays are very short (a couple of minutes reading) but they're collected by theme which makes it a bit easier to follow.

Goldacre does just what you'd hope a scientist would do: examines evidence, cites the sources of his evidence, and presents information with qualifications where appropriate

I read this over several months, just dipping into it every so often. It's all pretty good, and what you'd expect. Seems like I didn't highlight very much, just

When kindle was telling me I was 70% through the book, I was surprised to come to the end. But what was left was a ton of references. He does practise what he preaches.

Completed : 6-Apr-2019

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