Into the Darkest Corner, by Elizabeth Haynes

A cheapy Kindle download: a bit like Apple Tree Yard, this has an opening section in a courtroom, where someone's apparently on trial for beating up his partner, before alternating sections which flash forward and back, apparently by different narrators.

I was a bit worried at the start that I wouldn't be able to keep the threads of story all in my head at once, but soon got into it, and it turned out to be a pretty effectively tense story. One of the narrative threads has a woman who's worried that she's being stalked, but is being reassured by everyone that her concerns are unfounded. And it's not easy to tell whether it's going to turn out that she really is in trouble, or whether she's deluded and is going to do something dreadful on the strength of her delusions.

There was one great scene where a woman was trying to escape from someone following them, but her pursuer was actually a policeman, so that when she asked passers-by for assistance, he just showed everyone his ID and they all help to catch her and bundle her into his car. That was effectively nightmarish.

Enjoyed this one, and so looked at some of her other books, but they get decidely mixed reviews so maybe I'd give one a go if it turned up on a cheapy deal.

Completed : 09-Nov-2014

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