It Had To Be You, by David Nobbs

James' wife Deborah is killed in a road accident; the book covers the events from here until Deborah's funeral a week later.

That's the concept, but this is a typical Nobbs story, with an array of memorable characters and funny/sad/awkward situations. Actually, it was more funny than sad - I laughed out loud quite a few times when reading this book. But I wouldn't call it a comic novel; it's not light-hearted (although it's not worthily serious either).

I think this is Nobbs' best book for some time (not that he's done any bad ones). What impressed me most was how well the supporting cast was drawn - you felt that you got a bit of an insight into the lives of so many people, and that all of them were ones that you could imagine would be worth having more story about. You really felt you were getting a week-long snapshot into a world that was real.

I didn't get round to writing this until several weeks after I finished reading the book, which means I've forgotten many of the details, but I really enjoyed it and look forward to reading it again.

Completed : 02-Jul-2011

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