I Want It Now, by Kingsley Amis

A comic novel from the author of "Lucky Jim", which I remember thinking was really good when I first read it, and I've read a load more by KA since (including Lucky Jim again) without repeating the experience.

In this one, Ronnie Appleyard is a TV chat-show host who meets a girl at a party who turns out to be the daughter of someone very well off. Initially deciding to go after her for the sake of the money, he comes to fall in love with her but finds way path obstructed by the girl's mother.

Most of the humour comes from lengthy ironic descriptions, e.g. "They got through the baked fish, shark-reject equipped with a preponderance of bone over flesh that must have made it an icthyologist's byword", which is OK until you start noticing it. There was one good running joke through the book - whenever he introduces himself to someone, Ronnie always seems to get asked if he knows Bill Hamer, a rival TV presenter.

A mildly amusing read, but I didn't find it very gripping, and the style feels a bit dated (it was written in 1968).

Completed : 02-May-2004

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